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Setting up Communico for the Polaris ILS 

To allow Communico to access your database via Polaris, we will need the following information:

  • Server
  • Access ID
  • Access Key
  • Username
  • Password
  • Domain
  • Workstation ID

Your IT department will need to set Communico up as a new user with a new account. 

The  process is similar to adding a new staff member where you create an Username, Password, WorkstationID and specify the Server and local Domain.

As a Polaris customer, you will already have purchased the Polaris API license. The Access ID and Access Key are things you can generate through the Web Admin Tool whenever you begin working with a new vendor through the Polaris API.

What to do

1. Create a new user account and new user

To set up a new account, login to your Polaris account via the Web Admin Tool.

  1. Create a new user (Communico) in the Active Directory.

  2. Add the new user to the Administrator permission group, and share with them the login information.

  3. Specify the domain where the vendor's new user exists.

  4. Depending on the workstation you'd like the vendor to connect through, you can access the WorkstationID from the appropriate workstation's workform in the staff client (this is just a number).

2. Generate a PAPI ID/KEY in Polaris WebAdmin Tool

You can generate a new PAPI Access Key and ID yourself using the PAPI Key Management tab of the Polaris WebAdmin Tool.

To generate a new PAPI Access Key and ID using the WebAdmin Tool:

  1. Navigate to the Language Editor (WebAdmin) site on your Web server.

  2. Type your name, password, and domain name, and click OK to log in. WebAdmin opens to the Language Tools Edit page.

  3. Click the PAPI Key Management tab. The PAPI Key Management page is displayed.

  4. Enter your PAPI service access ID.

  5. Type an expiration date in mm/dd/yyyy format, or leave the field blank if you do not want the key to expire. (You can manually delete the key later.)

  6. Click Generate. The generated access key is displayed, and the ID/key combination appears in the table. Please note that an Access ID can have only one access key at a time.

3. Provide Communico with the new details

You should now be able to supply or your Communico Onboarding contact,  with the following information:

   Access ID
   Access Key
   Workstation ID

Note: To edit the expiration date for an Access ID/Access Key combination, click Edit on the appropriate line in the table. A date entry field appears in the Expiration Date column. Edit the date and click Update, or click Cancel to cancel your changes.

To delete an Access ID/Access Key combination, click Delete on the appropriate line in the table.